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The goal of founding the Foundation is to achieve a public benefit goal by undertaking activities aimed at promoting and popularizing art, more specifically – the work and goals of the founder of the Foundation Vladimir Labat Rovnev, and especially the following activities

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Svaromfal (The Inner Light) is an eclectic musical band oriented towards ARS integral improvisation with elements of spiritual and jazz music, and with all its members allured by art and forever captivated by light, music and sound. During the performance on ASL sculptures, spiritual ars-integral improvisation is being created between the new form of the instruments (ASL sculptures), new authentic sound and new way of aliquot playing and singing.


Philosophical society SVAR is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit citizens’ association. The association is founded with the aim to promote and make known the philosophical basis and understanding of the universal human need to undertake both spiritual and material work on and in oneself, as well as the need for the development and maturation of one’s own creativity, which activates dormant genetic potentials in a human being and creates conditions for better communication with oneself and the environment.