About the Founder fondacija 03/03/2023

About the Founder


Vladimir Labat Rovnjev is a unique and original multimedia artist: sculptor, painter, graphic and heraldic artist, author, composer and a designer, well-known and renowned for his work, locally and globally. Mr. Labat is the first who created unique acoustic sculptures, extraordinary sculptural works of art, uses them to play concerts, creates artistic soundtracks for film, radio and television.

Vladimir Labat is the founder of eclectic band SVAROMFAL.

The creative work of this artist is realized through a deep spiritual and material connection that captures all the senses and erase the boundaries defined by space and time. For more than forty years, Vladimir Labat has been guided by the needs of the Slovenian soul, Russian heritage and Christian principles, spending his life energy unselfishly on creating a more beautiful, healthier and more meaningful reality.

Consistent with himself and his own inner being, Vlada manages to touch and illuminate everyone on his artistic path. Vladimir Labat lives and creates at Popovica, on the periphery of Fruska gora, a magnificent treasury of natural and cultural historical values.