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Foundation Vladimir Labat Rovnjev

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The VRL Foundationwas founded in 2011, with the aim of supporting the spiritual and material values of man and society as a whole, through: promoting spiritual-ecological and healthy values and ways of life and the preservation and protection of the environment; change of creative consciousness in individuals and groups; encouraging personal growth, development, work and living of everyone who recognized the need for the same and promoting all forms of artistic creativity. The founder of the Foundation, Vladimir Labat Rovnjev, has been selflessly sharing his talents, knowledge and love for people, art and a meaningful life for all these years as the greatest privilege. The VRL Foundation provides support in providing creative and technical opportunities for the creation of all forms of artistic expression, especially through the creation of ARS-INTEGRAL improvised music on ASL sculptures (Acoustic Sculpture Labat).

ARS-INTEGRAL music making implies: individual or group creative improvisations in all forms of creation of artistic, spatial or musical works; interactive unification of performers with the stage, the audience, the space within and around them; development of personal and collective creativity through improvisation; integration and use in the creation of the moment, all forms of knowledge and experience to create an authentic work; freedom of decision at the moment without fear of making a mistake; gaining freedom and independence from other people’s opinion, knowledge and experience; awakening and development of personal and collective need for spiritual work on oneself.

The VRL Foundation bases its work on simple, fundamental, humane principles of life, thinking, creation, work, enjoyment, respect and acceptance of diversity, free choice, thought, speech, profession, in accordance with the spiritual and ecological principles of being on our planet. She is the proud holder of a large number of humanitarian actions related to the community, children, young people and vulnerable groups. The foundation is made up of people guided by love and faith, who speak for themselves and listen to their hearts, and who selflessly give their energy every day for general human joy, well-being and well-being.

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