Divine Liturgy – Saint Nectarius of Aegina fondacija 22/11/2019

Solemn Liturgy - Saint Nectarius of Aegina


On 22.11.2019. In the church of St. Paul the Apostle, a solemn liturgy was held under the auspices of the VRL Foundation, dedicated to St. Nektarios of Aegina, led by archpriest Boža Sovilj with priests. The solemn liturgy was attended by a large number of people, who came from all over Serbia this year to kiss the icons and pay tribute to this great saint. At the end of the liturgy, communion and a sermon were held by archpriest Boža Sovilj, where he recalled the life and birth of this saint and called people to live in peace and love.

In addition to St. Nektarios of Aegina, the VRL Foundation supports 4 more liturgies dedicated to St. Naum of Ohrid (January 5), St. Seraphim of Sarovsk (January 15), St. John of Shanghai (July 2) and Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (December 4).

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